How Can We Track Visitors With Predictive Engagement


This is to predict what customer is trying to achieve on the websites and helps them to achieve their outcomes. It will continuously be tracking until the session been inactive for 30minutes.It offers chat only to provide assistance to visitors.

Offered Features:

  • Customer Journey Tracking
  • Achieve Business Goals
  • Action Maps
  • Callback Function
  • System predicts when to journey and how to journey
  • Cloud Contact Centers provides outcomes represent business goals that you want customers to achieve.
  • Cloud is offering Action maps contains the logic for how we proactively engage with customers.
  • AI Models helps to predict a customer likelihood to achieve an outcome throughout the customer journey.

Predictive Engagement SDK:

  • Separate SDK to Genesys Widgets but they work together.
  • Identifies when a proactive chat offer, should be shown to user.


Customer Engagement with Reality check:

Checkout with shopping cart

Making a payment

Booking an appointment

Downloading application

Cab tracking

Hotel booking

Predictive Engagement continuously monitor visitors segments and website activity and update names and outcomes in real time.

Analyses when to act and action to take by offering Chat.


Allowed Domains-50

IP Addresses-50

Site-Search Settings-50

Customer Journey Experience:

Let’s consider about loan, when the customer search for a home loan through web-site the cloud is offering tracking to help them for outcome about monthly EMI or Interest rate, whether he would like to open new account or existing user. We can help the customer when they go through the browser by using webaction that Predictive engagement  can take to engage a visitor and encourage action.

 Example Using Case-Sensitive:

We can view the customer live information, can track which place on website. For example, Customer is book the cab he is trying to track the cab using map or he is trying to book the room in hotel but unable to pay then contact center can proactively offers chat to provide assistance to customers like payment, Cab tracking etc.

 Customer events are easiest way to capture customer journey outside of the website.

It offers chat automatically, if customer accepts the chat offer then auto responses will be generated like welcome message/How may I help you today.

Suppose, we took an example of Cab booking/Hotel booking, customer is unable to order then chat will start automatically with pop-up. Once the chat is initiated the agent will help the customer. Once, the agent answered the interaction the customer can know about related information about queries.