Professional Service

Genesys Cloud is a cloud-based contact center platform that provides a range of customer engagement and employee collaboration tools. Genesys Cloud Professional Services refer to the services offered by Opticent team to help businesses plan, implement, and optimize their use of the platform.

These services can include :-

  1. Consultancy: Opticent consultants can work with businesses to understand their contact center requirements and develop a plan for implementing Genesys Cloud.
  2. Implementation: Opticent team can help businesses configure and deploy Genesys Cloud, ensuring that it is tailored to their specific needs and requirements.
  3. Integration: Genesys can help businesses integrate Genesys Cloud with their existing systems, such as CRM(Salesforce, Zendesk, Sugar CRM, Right now, SAP and others) or workforce management tools.
  4. Customization: Opticent Team can help businesses customize their use of Genesys Cloud, such as developing custom workflows or integrating with third-party applications.
  5. Training: Opticent Team can provide training to help businesses get the most out of Genesys Cloud, ensuring that their employees are proficient in using the platform.

Overall, Genesys Cloud Professional Services aim to help businesses maximize the value they get from the platform, by providing expert advice and support throughout the implementation and optimization process