Support Services

Remote Support: We often provides remote support services where our support team assists customers remotely to troubleshoot issues, configure systems, and provide guidance via phone, email, or online communication channels.

Onsite Support: For more complex or critical situations, we offer onsite support services. This involves sending a support technician or engineer to the customer’s location to address specific issues or provide hands-on assistance.

24/7 Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support: We can provide 24/7 TAC support services, ensuring that customers have access to technical assistance at any time, including weekends and holidays. This round-the-clock support helps address urgent issues and minimize downtime.

Resident Engineer: We can also provide a resident engineer who works onsite at a customer’s location for an extended period. This engineer is dedicated to assisting with ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization of the Genesys Cloud or other platform, offering a high level of expertise and personalized service

Training Service

We offers a variety of training services to cater to different learning preferences and needs. Here are some common training options provided 

Instructor-Led Training: We can often conducts instructor-led training sessions either in-person or virtually. These sessions are led by experienced trainers who guide participants through the training material, provide demonstrations, and facilitate interactive discussions.

Online/Remote Training: We offers online or remote training options that allow participants to access training sessions from their own location. These sessions are typically conducted via webinars, virtual classrooms, or video conferencing platforms, providing flexibility and convenience.