Infrastructure Management

Opticent CX supply and support a wide range of products in data storage, computer system networking and VPNs. Our buying power keeps our prices competitive and our extensive IT Support Team means we’re a reliable one-stop-shop. We generally procure hardware only for our existing customers as a value-add. We support all the major brands and some ‘no brand’ brands as long as they have the standard warranty. Our support comes as remote and onsite support with 24x7x365 monitoring, administering and a professional helpdesk.

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become a common tool for most organisations because they VPN enable staff to work remotely. For organisations that have more than one site, it is essential to have an efficiently running VPN. Digital Armour has expertise in developing and managing the full range of VPNs from simple site-to-site VPNs to complex nationwide systems, including VPN tunnels. The VPN can be site to site or 1 site to many sites. It can be as secure as you want it to be. While generally customers look for the standard brands of VPN hardware and accessories, we work with and support open source (read: license free) as well as proprietary VPN solutions

Data Storage And Backup

Statistics show that about 50% of companies that lose their data (due to poor storage policies or Data Files ineffective backup practices) never open for business again.

These statistics highlight the importance of properly storing your data. Using our expertise in new technologies and with some of the top products available, we can identify and recommend appropriate systems and tools. Most businesses have backup systems.

However, the backup drives either do not work properly or have not been tested for a while. It is important to ensure not only that the backup drive works properly but also do a ‘re-store test’ on a regular basis.

Opticent CX offers onsite and offsite backup options and IT disaster recovery plans to its customers

Networking: LAN And Nationwide WAN

Opticent CX can design and implement any type of network – from simple to complex; from small to large; from a Local Area Network (LAN) to a nation-wide Wide Area Network (WAN). We are skilled in a variety of operating systems and platforms ranging from: Microsoft Windows Apple UNIX LinuxSun Solaris Novell Citrix Optima Technologies can develop the network you need on any of these platforms and others.

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Network infrastructure managed service refers to a service provided by a third-party provider that manages and maintains an organization’s network infrastructure. This can include routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and other network devices.

The managed service provider (MSP) takes responsibility for monitoring, managing, and maintaining the network infrastructure to ensure it operates optimally, securely, and reliably.

The MSP typically provides a range of services that can include:

  1. Network monitoring and management: The MSP monitors the network 24/7 to identify and resolve issues before they cause downtime or disruptions.
  2. Security management: The MSP implements and manages security policies to protect the network from cyber threats, such as viruses, malware, and hacking attempts.
  3. Configuration management: The MSP ensures that network devices are configured correctly, and updates are applied in a timely and consistent manner.
  4. Performance optimization: The MSP optimizes the network performance to ensure that it meets the organization’s requirements for speed, reliability, and bandwidth.
  5. Reporting and analysis: The MSP provides regular reports on network performance and security, as well as recommendations for improvements or upgrades.

Overall, a network infrastructure managed service can help organizations reduce the burden of managing their network infrastructure and improve their overall network performance, security, and reliability. It allows organizations to focus on their core business activities while leaving the network management to the experts.